Debbie Delamar plastic surgery

Does Debbie Delamar have the largest fake breasts in Britain?

Debbie Delamar, 34 years old, comes from Brecon, Pwoys, Wales. Delamar Debbie is the wife of a soldier. Debbie Delamar plastic surgery help her to be considered as the biggest ones in the UK. She has had a breast augmentation several times and abdominal liposuction with desire to have great boobs.

Debbie Delamar possesses a small body. She is not high but her boobs are quite big and fuller. Not satisfied with the breasts, Debbie has had a boob job. Debbie Delamar plastic surgery help her to enhance her breast size from 30DD (35 inches) to 30FF (37 inches) and 30HH (39 inch) afterwards. But then she felt very disappointed that her breasts are not big enough so she has continued pumping her boobs to have the size of 30KK (50 inch). Up to now, Debbie’s height is around 5 feet, her waist is almost 25 inch, the hip is 32 inch, her breast size is 50 inch and she became a woman who has the biggest fake breasts in England.

Many cosmetic surgeons have refused to perform Debbie Delamar breast augmentation for the first time because it might causes her a lot of troubles. However, she still found a private hospital in Highgate, London to have her boob job for £ 8000. Her breasts are injected nearly 1.5 liters of silicone imported from France. Debbie Delamar plastic surgery after, boobs were too heavy that she could not put her hands in front of her breasts and clap in the normal way. If measuring the weight of her new silicone in her boobs, it is as heavy as a big adult cats, two boxes of wine, a bowling ball, even it might has the weight of a newborn shark …

To enhance the effect of her massive boobs, Debbie had recourse to the abdominal liposuction to create a tiny waist. Debbie’s waist was very small, but after this liposuction surgery is completed, her waist is much smaller. The new tiny waist made Debbie’s breasts looked like larger, creating an unbalanced body. Debbie said that although the ratio of body weight is not balanced but she did not find any difficulty in life. However, she once admitted: ‘I have a hard time when trying to balance the body when taking pictures in the 5 inch heels, and I think that is understandable’.

Debbie’s face also is interfered by cutlery. Debbie had a pretty big wrinkle in the middle of the forehead, between two eyes, and this wrinkle will becomes evident when she frowns. Along two sides of the mouth are deep dents, signs of skin aging. Around the eyes also have the same markers. Comparing Debbie Delamar plastic surgery before and after, you can see Debbie is now more youthful and prettier than her age. The wrinkles are disappeared and the skin is stretched. Since this strange things spring, also the questions have appeared as Debbie has used Botox to hold her youth or not?

Debbie now is mother of two kids. Sian, 15 and Katie, 12. She proudly said: ‘People stared at me every time I went out, but I kind of like it. Sian, my oldest son thought what I did was wonderful and I could be well known, but Katie felt slightly embarrassed about this but I do not know why’. Debbie said she has thousands of fans and she can sell her photo for £ 35. Debbie also shared on Twitter: ‘I received hundreds of messages every day from people all over the world. There are fans used my name in their account’.

From a woman who had a small figure to the owner of the biggest fake breasts in England, Debbie Delamar certainly has her own reasons to explain for her strange hobby. After all, Debbie Delamar was very happy and felt much more confident.


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