Simona Halep plastic surgery

After breast reduction surgery, Simona Halep has achieved successes

Simona Halep, a 22-year-old Romanian who won the final authority Tennis Tournament French Open (Roland Garros) 2014 met Russian opponent Maria Sharapova. Before that, she won the 4th WTA Championship after beat Petra Kvitova in the New Haven. It is interesting for Simona Halep when said that she has these results by reading Harry Potter and… Mammaplasty. Comparing Simona Halep plastic surgery before and after, Simona Halep has a lot of advancement in her careers thanks to breast reduction surgery.

Before winning the first WTA title in her career in Nurnberg (Germany) last June, Halep mostly known for her oversized breasts considered extraordinary size, 34 DD, Simona Halep found quite difficult to move on the court. Even on the tennis forums, fans invented a lot of funny pictures from this inspiration. Feel troubles on oversized boobs, Simona Halep decided to have surgery to reduce the number of measurements and thus, move more agile. In 2009, she performed the surgery to have the smaller breasts. But before Simona Halep plastic surgery, she claims this news on the Internet and a lot of Romania fans signed to ask her to change her decision. However, she still has breast surgery because she felt this would bring many advantages, Halep’s performance in tennis has increased quite rapidly.

Winning the Roland Garros when she was just 17 years old but that did not help Halep to go on the professional ascent by voluminous bust, preventing her from picking the high standard tennis. Halep answered: ‘Weight of my breasts causing back pain and I felt uncomfortable to play. I did not like them any day in my daily life. I need surgery if I wanted to become a completed athlete”.

Thanks to the huge boobs, Simona Halep not only made ​​men admired but also received many envious looks from women. But sometimes life is not fair. The talented Romania faced many difficulties, suffering in training and competition due to the heavy breasts. There have been times; she felt depressed and rekindled intention to retire. She came up with the biggest decisions of her life, despite the discouraging of family, friends and the ridicule or scorn words from the online community. From the 34DD bra size, she just has to wear on the 34C ones.

No matters how the final results between Roland Garros and Maria Sharapova, the brightly future always open to Halep. She no longer guilt for decisions on the breasts in the past. ‘I do not feel any regret because I did not want to end my dreams here. I want more successes and, if possible, will be crowned at least one Grand Slam’, Halep said. Her life after breast surgery is in the clouds, everything with her ​​smile. This success is the foundation for Simona Halep to win the series of major achievements.

Is Simona Dalep plastic surgery right? If she less attractive and sexy compared to before plastic surgery?

Simona Halep ( born 27 September 1991) is a Romanian professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 3. Halep first broke into the world’s top 50 at the end of 2012, then into the top 20 in August 2013, and then top 10 in January 2014 (after reaching the Australian Open quarterfinal). She won her first 6 WTA titles in the same calendar year in 2013 (a feat that was last achieved by Steffi Graf in 1986 when she won her first 7), being named the WTA’s Most Improved Player at its end, as well as being named ESPN Center Court’s 2013 Most Improved Player. Halep reached the 2014 French Open final, her first Grand Slam final, where she played against Maria Sharapova. She lost this final in three sets. She also reached the final of the WTA Finals the same year, but lost to Serena Williams.