Reese Witherspoon before and after plastic surgery

Reese Witherspoon plastic surgery is still now a secret. In fact, Reese Witherspoon chin has more changes than before so she is said to be under the knife.

Reese Witherspoon has never admitted plastic surgery.  To the media Reese Witherspoon said she doesn’t against plastic surgery but she don’t need it at least for now. Reese Witherspoon said that she is confident enough with her current look and said for her now plastic surgery is unnecessary.  However, Reese Witherspoon’s chin is different  than her old one  and her face  is also some strange. Reese Witherspoon rumored to have undergone several plastic surgery procedures such as botox and dermal fillers. But up to now, Reese Witherspoon denied she has those two procedures performed on her face.
Reese Witherspoon before and after plastic surgery

Reese Witherspoon before and after plastic surgery

Be a mother of three kids was so difficult. Reese Witherspoon’s beauty was eroded somehow … And the traces of plastic surgery are still on Reese Witherspoon’s face. Some people get botox to shape or ‘fix’ uneven eyebrows. Some people are too young to have wrinkles and choose to get it done because they weren’t blessed with perfectly eyebrows, and that’s their choice. Superficial maybe, but people have a right to care about their looks.

Reese Witherspoon before and after
Botox is weird. Some people in this age has their angry furrow between their eyes ! But Reese’s not, why, can you guess ? After Botox, she started to look very ‘strange’. The eyebrows start to lift up on the outter edges and the center of her brow is ‘dead’ and it creates a strange 30 year old face lift.

Reese Witherspoon before and after plastic surgery 1

Now she can’t move his eyebrows up ! What? So scary ! But it’s not all, we knew she had Reese Witherspoon chin surgery, we knew it ! Pointed chin changed the face and make her face look longer and unbalanced. Actually pointy chin have a negative impact on health. A small and pointy chin will limit the space for the development of teeth and gums. At the time of replacement of the new teeths, jaw narrow space made new replacement teeth trying to rise. Her chin before thought seems a little bit ‘ridiculous’, but it’s special. A sign for us to realize her in a forest of beautiful celebrities.

Reese Witherspoon before plastic surgery 1

We understand her wanting to get rid of her wrinkles on her forehead, being a  mother was a difficult job, but after botox she looks like having a mask on, like some sort of plastic fake skin, as it doesn’t move when she lifts her eyebrows. Very, very strange. In our opinion this should not be done, at least not for the cosmetic aspect. It simply looks unnatural. Before she says she looked as if she was constantly angry, now she looks as if she was constantly on drugs to reduce the truth that she was older.

Reese Witherspoon before and after plastic surgery 2

We all know that some men, as well as women, can have really bad wrinkles and botox is one of the many ways to treat them, especially if they’re deep and there’s a lot of them.


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