Unrecognizable Face of Michaela Romanini after Plastic Surgery!

Michaela Romanini plastic surgery is really nightmare for many people. Her face changed awfully after plastic surgery.

Michaela Romanini was more famous for her plastic surgery photos before and after.  Romanini has apparently had some plastic surgery, and the most noticeable one is from her gigantic lips making her be in the list of worst celebrity plastic surgery. People cannot realize her in her before and after photos. Before knowing more about her plastic, let’s talk about her special things.
Michaela Romanini plastic surgery  
Michaela Romanini is a famous Italian Socialite.In Italy, Michaela was considered to be one of the most beautiful women. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but in some instances, there is no denial of its outward radiance. Michaela was respected for her looks, perhaps wanting too much of something makes it more dangerous than we thought. Or as someone once mentioned, at times people are not sure when they should stop. Take a case of one having a surgery, it backfires outright. They take yet another, and another, without having a limit. This is what happened to Romanini. Today she has a face that no one can easily recognize.
 Michaela Romanini after Plastic Surgery

Michaela Romanini after Plastic Surgery

Michaela Romanini started having plastic surgery at a young age. As you can notice from the before and after photos, one of her favorite procedures was lip collagen injections. But the procedure went wrong and became like a drug to Romanini making her continue to get them and now she looks like an alien creature.

Michaela Romanini used to have sexy lips when she was young. You can see she looks so beautiful and sexy. But she she received plastic surgery procedures especially lip collagen injections for multiple times. Her lip became thicker and thicker, and you can see there’re too much collagen injected!
Michaela Romanini also got Boxtox

Beside her lip injections,  Michaela Romanini  also got Boxtox. That’s the reason you cannot see any wrinkles on her face. As you can see Michaela Romanini plastic surgery before and after photos below:

Michaela Romanini plastic surgery before and after photos

Michaela Romanini plastic surgery before and after photos 1

Michaela Romanini plastic surgery before and after photos 2

Michaela is certainly not alone in her addiction. The sad truth is that more and more celebrities experiment with plastic surgery. It is beginning to become the norm in Hollywood. In the case of Michaela Romanini, she ended up with bad result. Michaela Romanini went overboard with plastic surgery turning herself into a cartoon character of her former self. Once a beautiful woman, almost identical with Dannii Minogue and Megan Fox, she now looks like another lip collagen abuser: Donatella Versace !
If you want to see some more, then go to my site.With the way the procedure is addictive, whoever thinks she may stop now could be kidding. The lady may still try to get more of her younger looks by opting for another surgery, hoping that this time it may just be a success.


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