Lynda Carter plastic surgery – a beautiful woman at 60s

Lynda Carter plastic surgery achieved a big result. Lynda Carter now is so younger than her real age. Many people like Lynda Carter plastic surgery.
Lynda Carter plastic surgery was a typical successful case in Hollywood. She’s now aged 61 and like other American celebrities, Lynda also chose knives to cover her wrinkles and lines. These are actually formed naturally because of aging.


Lynda Carter plastic surgery – a beautiful woman at 60s

Lynda Carter was born as Linda Jean Cordova Carter on the 24th of July 1951 in Phoenix Arizona. She is an American actress and singer who got into the world of fame at a very tender age of 3. At this age, she released her television debut on Lew King’s Talent Show. She is a talented musician who dropped out of university to follow her dream and develop her talent. She owns two famous titles under her name, one as a star of TV series Wonder Woman and another that of a Miss World USA in 1972. The sassy actress, just like many other beauty queens has been on the tabloids for one reason or another. Let’s see, what Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after photos gave us to talk.

lynda-carter-botox-injections and plastic surgery
Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after

Check Lynda Carter past and recent photos carefully, did you see any marks of aging or lines?  Almost every celebrities are scared about this age, the 50 and above. Because at these ages there would be wrinkles, lines and sagging skins around face. In order to cover wrinkles, one should probably go for Botox and face-lift. Yes,  Lynda Carter had done these surgeries and it helped her to hide the frown lines.

At her early 60′s, it is being said that Lynda Carter plastic surgery has gone to an extent that she is now undertaking Fraxel laser treatment. This has resulted to a more youthful and shiny facial skin. One famous plastic surgeon commented that there’s no way to find about laser treatments of a celebrity because they use make up to cover it.
lynda carter plastic surgery eyelid
 Lynda Carter before and after photos

Aged 61, the skin surface loses elasticity and fat deposits drastically reduce. This eventually leads to a lose skin, the reasons behind development of drooping around the eyebrows. With Lynda Carter, the case is different. Looking at Lynda Carter’s recent photos, one can see that the wonder woman has had to raise her eyebrows with plastic surgery. Any woman of her age should have some signs of drooping around her eyebrows, but this is not the case with Lynda Carter’s blepharoplasty has obviously helped her slow down the drooping speed of her eyebrows. It actually does give her a younger look, especially around the eyes.

lynda carter plastic surgery after
 Lynda Carter is still young at 60s before plastic surgery rumors

Talking about Lynda Carter plastic surgery, has she confirmed these allegations? Of course no, Carter has vehemently refuted claims that she has undergone cosmetic surgery. She said that she is very scared of surgeries terming them as monstrous. She stated, it’s not about the money, but about the appearance and healthy skin. Despite her public denial of all the allegations put across, Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after pictures are showing clearly that the actress has undergone through the knife. Her plastic surgery was a great one. It was successful because you can hardly find any hints of botched work.


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