10 Celebrity Instagram Photoshop Scandals

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Each and every day thousands of pictures are uploaded to social media. People have a subconscious need to share their moments, food and even pictures of themselves with others. Yes, the infamous photo we all know and are probably guilty of capturing, the selfie. Instagram has been helping to grow this photo phenomenon since the app’s release in 2010.

No matter the reason for snapping and posting selfie photos, whether it’s narcissism or they are just having a great hair day that only comes once in a full moon, people want to do everything they can to look their best. There are constant retakes of pictures at different angles, light, poses and so on to make sure the capturer gets the best photo opportunity possible to release to their followers. You or I may only have a couple hundred or thousand followers to show our filtered snapshots to. Imagine the pressure of posting a selfie if you had MILLIONS of followers, like Beyoncé or Kim K.

The pressures that Hollywood and society have placed on top tier celebs can lead actors, singers and other public figures to do whatever they need to do to look their absolute best because it is what is expected of them. The aftermath of photo shoots usually involve someone sitting at a desk Photoshopping what they consider blemishes on their still canvas; a little nip here, a tuck there. Magazines we are presented with are simply a house of smoke and mirrors, and celebs feel they need to keep this perfection even in their own personal photos.

Now public personalities are Photoshopping their own Instagram photos to live up to the invisible pillar known as perfection. However, they mistakenly leave behind evidence that make their fans and followers question if the photo was tampered with. Wavy lines, smudges and distorted backgrounds are left in the wake of cinching waistlines, thigh gaps and refined backsides.

In this video, we will look at ten celebrities who decided to take editing their photographs into their own hands. Here are ten celebrity Instagram Photoshop scandals.


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