10 Celebrity Lookalikes Who Fool People All the Time

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Every fan’s dream is to meet a celebrity in public. We see them all the time in the magazines walking around with the paparazzi watching their every move. Is it really that hard to spot a famous person down the street? It’s not impossible!

Besides, celebrities are just like us. They sometimes go to the playground with their kids, push the shopping cart down the grocery aisle or visit a popular local restaurant. With a little luck, you might have a chance.

Even when there’s a slim chance you had run into your favorite stars, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to think twice before running into a random bystander. We all know that there are many celebrity doppelgangers all around the world and before asking for a photo or autography, you might want to take a second or two before running up to them.

There are unfortunately some people who do not have the right mind to think twice or maybe they’re just so excited that they are actually running into a celebrity. Why wouldn’t it be crazy for Taylor Swift or Johnny Depp to be hanging out in their neck of the woods? Oh boy, these confused people had no idea what was coming when they thought they met these celebrity lookalikes.