10 Everyday Habits That Are Aging You

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Do you ever feel older than you look? A lot of our efforts today are focused on what we can do to turn back the clock, or at least making people think we have. Millions of dollars are spent each year hanging on the promises of “a younger looking you.” There are also things we practice in our daily lives that we adopt in our everyday endeavours in order to give father time the finger. However, there may be things you are doing in your daily routines that may be causing premature aging. Of course, I am sure you have heard the ol’ gab about harmful health effects of smoking cigarettes or subjecting your skin to too much sun. But there are other things, simpler things that can lead to high blood pressure, aching joints, weight gain and those worrisome wrinkles. Some of these you may be kind of aware of, but others you probably won’t realize you are doing them at all.

Like exercise, for example. You assume those who exercise on a regular basis are living a healthy lifestyle, right? On the outside they seem able-bodied, but on the inside they could possibly be setting themselves up for a future filled with misery. Too much of a good thing can always backfire, and this is no different for physical activity. Not allowing your body to rest, your muscular foundations to regenerate properly and practicing incorrect lifting techniques can lead to muscle tears and joint pain. Long term overtraining can even lead to more serious implications.

Even more simpler things like your emotional state could be aging you more rapidly. Staying in to binge watch a TV show a family member recommended on Facebook could not only be hurting your dating life, but your physical health could be taking a hit as well. Believe it or not, social interaction (and I don’t mean posting something on Twitter), helps regulate things like your cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems. This also helps to relieve stress, which is another element of quickening the aging process.

In this video we will take a look at some everyday habits that may be progressing the signs of aging a little faster than one would hope. No, these aren’t overly complicated tasks. In fact, you may be carrying out some of these faux pas as you are reading this. Here are ten everyday habits that maybe you can put to rest.