Fake Beauty – Celebrity Photoshop Fails

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Photoshop has become much too commonplace in the advertising industry, with even the world’s most beautiful celebrities falling victim to drastic digital handiwork. While some Photoshop fails are apparent when comparing the altered photo to another picture of the celeb, either on the red carpet or at a star-studded event, in recent years accidents have occurred where the original pre-Photoshopped image is leaked. This has provided the world with before and after shots that make us ask: how perfect does someone have to look for them not to be airbrushed and Photoshopped? The answer: no one is immune to digital manipulation.

Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce and Jessica Alba are three of the most beautiful women in the world, but editors still find ways to enhance their looks whether it be slimming their stomachs, elongating their necks, or removing every single flaw on their skin. In 2013 Beyonce faced L’Oreal’s Infalliable campaign, promoting the brand’s lipsticks and foundations. An online frenzy took off when images of her un-retouched campaign photos were leaked, proving to everybody that the star is not as flawless as we’re led to believe. Similar instances have opened up the world to Photoshop fails, highlighting the total absurdity of it all. These stars are already so beautiful, they don’t need to be altered. Photoshopping every part of them results in a vision of unattainable beauty, which is harmful to every woman’s self esteem.

Altering celebrities by way of Photoshop continues to occur and we likely won’t see its demise anytime soon. But at least these accidental leaks prove to everyone that no one’s perfect and even the most perfect-seeming of them all are altered to look that way.

Get ready to be shocked and somewhat relieved. Today we’re looking at 10 celebrity Photoshop fails that had the world in awe.