The Creepiest Celebrity Stalker Stories

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You might think life as a celebrity is really easy. What is so hard on being famous? Everyone knows who you are, there is no problem getting cash and you get to do what you love. No one could really argue that it doesn’t sound like a great life.

However, when you are famous, there are a lot of consequences. You are exposing yourself to an entire world, since there is no escaping the tabloids and the entertainment news. It’s almost like everyone is watching your every move, including devoted fans.

While celebrities usually thank their fan base for all they do, there are some situations where fans go a bit too far. Stalking a celebrity is never okay since we must remember that they have their own lives. There are still many instances in Hollywood where certain people do not understand boundaries and celebrity stalkers are not something new.

Hundreds of celebrities have probably gone through cases with stalkers at least once during their career. Sometimes the stalkers are obsessed with them and other times, they simply want them out of the picture. We cannot understand why these stalkers think the way they do. Just take a look at these 10 celebrities who have their own stalker horror stories.


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